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Organizational and Corporate Services

Bush Health Law PLLC provides legal counsel to for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations throughout Florida. Our clients include healthcare companies, clinical practice groups, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, biotech and life science companies, and contract research organizations.

Corporate Law Services

Whether your organization is a solo practice or a major market force, a sound legal structure is vital. Corporate law services include creating or revising organization’s legal structure, including development or revision of founding articles of incorporation, bylaws, conflict of interest policies, and operations agreements among members and shareholders.

Reimbursement and Rate Negotiation

Practice groups who accept payments from health insurers find that those relationships can be an essential part of practice. Even after appeals, disputes may arise as to what services should be reimbursed and at what rates.

Clinical, operational, and compliance policies and procedures

Providing healthcare in a compliant way is an ever-changing landscape. Having current and robust policies and procedures is the foundation of compliance and a properly functioning organization. Policies and procedures can address topics such as fraud, waste and abuse; privacy under HIPAA, State Law, and GDPR; and employment practices. Read more here.

False Claims Act, Stark, and Anti-Kickback Statute compliance

For provides who accept Medicare and Medicaid payments, complying with federal and state fraud, waste, and abuse regulations is a major part of business. In 2018, the U.S. Justice Department recovered $2.8 billion in civil cases involving fraud and false claims submitted to the Federal government. Of that figure, $2.5 billion (89%) represented recoveries in the healthcare sector. Bush Health Law offers counsel in development and modernization of compliance programs and defends enforcement actions. Read more here.

Independent contractor and vendor agreements

Negotiating real estate, supply, independent contractor, and service contracts can present both challenges and opportunities for any organization. Making sure the organization is protected is the highest priority in both new or existing relationships. Bush Health Law offers services from negotiation, drafting, revision, and practical advice on these important relationships.

Healthcare quality assurance and risk management

Quality assurance and risk management involves proactively identifying problems before they happen and reacting appropriately to incidents when they occur. A just culture approach encourages reporting and thoughtful response to potential issues. Robust policies and procedures, reporting systems, and thoughtful training serve as the foundation of any good QA/RM program.

Data breach prevention and incident response

Data breaches can present a major challenge to any organization, especially when they implicate HIPAA or GDPR-protected information. Under the current patchwork of statutes and regulations in the U.S., timely incident response is always a number one priority. In addition to incident response, developing a sound program to avoid breaches can serve to mitigate potential legal exposure and minimize disruption for the organization and its stakeholders. Read more on the GDPR here.

Applications for non-profit tax-exempt status

Non-profit entities may enjoy tax exempt status with Federal and State tax authorities through initial application. This process goes well beyond the application itself and requires that an organization implement comprehensive corporate structure, conflict of interest policies, and practices to avoid self-dealing or improper activities that may jeopardize tax exemption.

Insurance coverage assessment

For clinicians, malpractice insurance can be a vital protection for clinical practice. Data breach insurance, as a relatively new product in the insurance marketplace, can be custom tailored in may ways to suit an organization, its size, and the types of data it handles. General liability policies protect not only injuries within a building, but can cover a whole range of eventualities. Assessment of the right level and types of coverage is an important part of any healthcare business.

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