A Telehealth Primer for Clinicians

Telehealth use has increased rapidly in the past five years, but social distancing measures necessitated by COVID-19 have placed it at the forefront of clinicians’ minds for care continuation and infection mitigation. Also because of COVID-19, CMS announced a major expansion of permitted uses of telehealth for providers who accept Medicare during the public health … Continue reading A Telehealth Primer for Clinicians

Is Your Organization GDPR-Compliant?

The world of data has never been the same: on May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into full force and effect, changing the way individuals and organizations handle personal data, not only within the EU, but globally. The GDPR builds on existing law not only by standardizing and strengthening … Continue reading Is Your Organization GDPR-Compliant?

Data Rights: Two Lessons Healthcare can Teach Tech

The flow of ideas between the tech sector and older industries runs on a very fast one-way street from Silicon Valley to the doorstep of any company with a time-tested business model. Healthcare is the most ancient of all businesses, and there are surely many tech-based disruptions in store for it. But at this moment, … Continue reading Data Rights: Two Lessons Healthcare can Teach Tech